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Walk-Time is NOT a puppy farm. We are a family of dog lovers that may on occasion breed. Our last litter of 7 beautiful pups was in Jan 2019.

Mum is about 80% Pug / 20% Terrier. Not KC Reg. Dad was a 100% KC Reg pug.

YELLOW (girl)

Yellow was the second born and is a firecracker! She is a gorgeous little pup with lost of energy! Knowing we were only keeping one pup she’s been the front runner from the start so it’s been a tough choice for sure. She has quickly become part of the family and we will be soo sad to see her go. But there’s a loving sporting family out there waiting for her! Due to her excitement she would not be suitable for a family with very young babies or elderly first-timers. If you are elderly and experienced with dogs she’s a breeze. Independent and happy-go-lucky. Eats well, sleeps a good amount and is a good all-rounder healthy pup. She is 11 weeks now, growing FAST, and so super ready for a family that will embrace her to the max!! :))

SILVER (boy)

Silver, AKA Snow was the first born and is the biggest of all the pups! He came in at a whopping 286g. He magically appeared as it started snowing on the morning of 17th January and has one white paw! Almost bull-dog looking he is your biggest cuddle mate for sure. Somewhat slower and lazy yet feisty around the dinner table so requires his own feeding bowl. He’s very independant and don’t think we’ve heard him ever cry. A special little keeper for sure.

GREEN (boy)

At a weighty 279g Green was the sixth pup. He is one of the heavy-weights of the litter coming in just behind Silver in power! He will deliver a good balance of activity with cuddles. He is somehow always the one that ends up sitting on your lap! Clever little lazy boy that instantly warms to you and seems to loves music.

BROWN (boy)

Third born was Brown AKA Bruno. He was the smallest of the boys at 223g. He seems a very content chap. Always up for a play and a laugh and when he wants to crash he wants big time snuggles. A good all-rounder that would make a wonderful family dog.

BLACK (boy)

Black is the smartest quickest pup of the litter! He was fourth born and came in at a very healthy 238g. He’s had good growth and has always been first to develop new skills. This little front-runner walked first, ate solids first, moved away from the sleeping area for toileting before the others, and first to kick his legs after a No2! He is a clever chappie and a real boys-boy!

PINK (girl)

Pink, AKA Rosie was the fifth born with a good healthy weight of 246g. She is very sweet and the kitten of the litter, yet she is a warrior! She will put her brothers and sisters in their place. Very playful and dainty she warms your heart instantly. She will not leave your side.