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Walk-Time is NOT a puppy farm. We are family of dog lovers that on occasion will breed our lovely pug-jug Bella. In 2017 we had a litter of 7 beautiful pups shown below, all of which we found wonderful homes for.

YELLOW (girl):

Was the first born at 4:28am on 1st July 2017, weighing in at only 200g she is the smallest of the litter and has a special connection with her mum – they often snuggle with their heads together when sleeping. She is our little bumblebee and is the only one that sits nicely waiting for her dinner. She is a very special delicate little pup, yet will stand up to the bigger boys.

ORANGE (girl)

Orange was the second born at 5am, she weighed in at 239g. She is a good average size female and is quite independent.

BLUE (boy) – Now called Bleu:

Blue was the first of the boys weighting in at 244g. He has rapidly grown to be one of the top 3 heavyweights of the litter and is in perfect form! As he’s grown he has filled out nicely and is looking a little bulldog-ish, and likes to sit with his back legs out. He has a beautiful nature.

PURPLE (boy) – now called Iggy:

Purple was the second of the boys weighting in at 250g. He has proved to the smartest by being the first to eat solid food on his own, and instinctively kicked his back legs after a No2!

WHITE (boy) – now called George:

White (aka Mighty Whitey) was the third of the boys weighting in at a whopping 266g. He is the biggest of the litter. He is big, fluffy, spongy and tends to fall asleep sitting up. He has a lovely temperament and would be your best cuddle-mate!

GREEN (boy):

Green was the fourth of the boys weighting in at 248g. At a good average size and has grown to be on of the top 3 big boys in the pack (with blue and white). He is a wonderful clever little boy. He is a happy chappie, sure of himself, and usually gets what he wants.

RED (boy) – now called Teddy:

Red was the last to be born, weighting in at 212g he was a smaller pup. He is a good lad! He’s always up for play, but avoids the rough & tumble of the top 3 big boys. He is very gentle and prefers humans!